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Curry Palace -
Indian Restaurant & Bar

Indian Restaurant Based in Szabolcs welcomes everyone to enjoys the most authentic Indian food with special ingredients and spices

Curry Palace Introduce

New Indian Cuisines

Mango Chicken

Chicken marinated with Special Indian spices and cooked in tomato onion sauce & Mango pulp.

Butter Chicken

Chicken marinated with special Indian spices and cooked with tomato, onions, cashews and butter sauce.

Butter Paneer

Cheese marinated with special Indian spices and cooked with tomato, onions, cashews and butter sauce.

Our Awesome Restaurant


Silent and beautiful  mountains, fresh air, beautiful and  simple people, culture that holds us here in this county. Whether its Szabolcs or Balsa, Tokaj or Tarcal, can't define the beauty in words. Curry Palace - Indian Restaurant & Bar is going to serve not authentic Indian cuisines but also mouth watering taste and aroma which you ll feel with every bite. 

Fish Biryani with basmati rice Indian food

Popular main starters


Pakora - vegetables/chicken pieces/eggs rolled in chickpea flour with special India spices and fried

Chicken Pakora dish with sweet chilli sauce on white wooden board.
traditional indian food paneer pakora in wooden  plate with mint chutney on a gray concrete background. top view, flat lay.
chicken pakoras on thite plate
pakora, also called onion bhaji, pakoda or bhajis is a fried snack. Originally from India, it is found across the Indian subcontinent, especially in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan

Good Food Is Our Passion


We pay more attention in choosing our raw materials to serve you the best. Basmati rice from the northern India, fresh herbs on daily basis from the marker to create the unforgettable aroma. 

basmati rice in black and white bowl with vegetables top shot, front shot, side view.


We Created Best Dinning Experience For You & Your Family

Monika Nagy

Business Developer

Finally we Have an Indian dining in our neighbourhood. Already ordered them several times and suggested them to open a diner. here we go. wish you best of luck guys



Tasty, elegent and one of the best chef i know in person